General Dentistry

Dr. Christopher J. Toth has designed his practice for people like you, so that you and your family can get state of the art care from an office that cares. We always welcome new patients, so feel free to call our office to make an appointment or just to introduce yourself. We are proud to offer the services listed below.

Adults – Care and Prevention

Proper oral hygiene and regular visits to Dr. Toth are the two best defenses against plaque, the root of most dental problems. Dr. Toth encourages adult care and prevention that is focused on the fight against plaque, the preservation of natural tooth structure, and early detection and treatment of serious oral problems.

Children – Care and Prevention

In addition to the primary goals of preventing tooth decay and gum disease, children have special needs for their developing teeth. Dr. Toth will discuss a care and prevention plan that addresses these special needs and promotes good dental hygiene for the whole family.